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How It Works?

It's super simple! You answer a few questions to tell us about you and the home you'd like to buy or sell.
We take the information you've provided and match you with top real estate agents in your area.
Talk to each agent, meet with one or two, and select the agent that's right for you. 
Upon a successful transaction, Home Sweet Home will thank you with cash back!
We understand that buying or selling a home can get very expensive, very fast. 
Our mission at Home Sweet Home is to make buying or selling a home less expensive.
We do this by matching you with a top agent, and upon a successful closing, giving you some cold, hard cash.
Use our Cash Back Calculator to determine how much cash back is available for you.

Why Cash Back?

With Home Sweet Home’s no-cost, no-obligation service, you’ll only be matched with top real estate agents. These professionals consistently outperform their peers because they:
  • Have expertise in a local market
  • Use cutting edge real estate technology
  • Are very good negotiators
  • Have helpful support staff
See our great questions & great answers to learn more about how we connect you with top agents.

Why Use a Top Agent?

The best agent will help you sell a home faster and for a higher price — thats $1,000s in your pocket.



The best agent will know the neighborhood, work diligently on your behalf, and find your perfect home.

Just enter a home price to calculate the cash back. Remember, cash back is the cherry on top. A top agent is where you'll save big bucks!

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